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Delivery Routing Software Built For Florists
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Delivery Routing Made Easy

Automated Route Planning Software for Deliveries

Flowadrop (flower-drop) provides florists with an easy way to manage deliveries and drivers, scheduling and routing - with realtime tracking, route optimization, and guided navigation.

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Driver Managenent made Easy

Easily Send Routes To Your Drivers

Flowadrop allows you to send routes to any one of your regular drivers, with step by step navigation, delivery instructions, proof of delivery photos and delivery tracking dashboard.

Driver AppProof Of DeliveryDelivery Dashboard
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Benefits That Really Deliver

Benefits for Drivers

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed Shorter Routes

Shorter Routes
Our fully automated route optimization software creates up to 40% more efficient delivery routes.

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed Less Fuel

Less Fuel
Optimized for current traffic and driving conditions means less mileage and up to 30% less fuel

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation
Our driver app provides an easy to follow delivery schedule with step by step navigation

Benefits for Florists

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed Schedule In minutes

Schedule In minutes
Flowadrop allows any staff member to quickly create daily routes, automatically split large deliveries, and even print tickets.

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed Delivery Dashboard

Delivery Dashboard
Track deliveries in real-time, view proof-of-delivery photos, search any delivery, and reschedule with a single click if needed.

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed On time, every time

On time, every time
Flowadrop tracks ETAs and flags deliveries for priority delivery. Keep your customers in the loop with text notifications.

How We Compare

More Features For Less

Standard Package
Free Trial Period
30 Days7 Days
Number Of Drivers*
Route Optimization
Customer Notifications
Driver Navigation App
Driver Delivery Notes
Delivery ETA Tracking
Proof Of Delivery
Auto Splitting Large Routes
Future Delivery Scheduling
Assign Delivery Time Priority
Multiple Branches Support
Live Route Edit / Reschedule
Driver Route Re-order Allowed
One Click Re-scheduling
Full Route History Lookup
Full Delivery Search History
Ticket printing
Auto Driver Payment Option
* our Pro package includes up to 5 drivers for only $39. For comparison 5 drivers would cost $245 on Routific.

Unlike routific our fees are NOT applied per driver.

How It Works

Three easy steps to better deliveries

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed
Create Routes
A Few Minutes

Create Routes
A Few Minutes
Just add deliveries for any day and we automatically create routes. Large routes are automatically split into multiple pickups.

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed
Send To Your Driver
By Text Message

Send To Your Driver
By Text Message
Easily assign routes to a driver in your driver pool. You can include an ETA, delivery information and access codes.

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed
Track Deliveries
In Realtime

Track Deliveries
In Realtime
View delivery status updates and delivery photos fom your delivery dashboard. Quick search any delivery or one click reschedule.

Edit Live Routes / Prioritize Deliveries

Even after the driver has left the shop you can edit the delivery details or even cancel (recall) a delivery.

Our delivery app also tracks the ETA of all deliveries - and allows the driver to prioritize a delivery.

If any delivery is prioritized, or canceled, we automatically re-optimze the remaining deliveries.
✓ User Friendly Design

Easy For Florists ⋅ Easy For Drivers

  See How It Works  

+ What is Flowadrop
Flowadrop is a delivery software platform built by florsists specifically for the floral industry. We provide a single platform to easily manage your deliveries, routes, drivers, and payments all in one place.
+ I have my own drivers, why do I need Flowadrop
We manage all your deliveries and optimized routing and tracking - whether you assign the pickup to your shop driver or a 1099 contact driver.
+ Can I convert my drivers to contract drivers (1099)
Yes. If you register them either as internal drivers, you can convert them later with the click of a button.
+ Can I use my drivers and contract drivers (1099)
Yes. You can assign routes to a pool of shop-employed and self-employed drivers.
+ What are the benefits of contract drivers (1099)
Flexibilty, for you and them. You can use a contract driver as is needed (and remove at any time). This makes trialling new drivers very easy.
+ What are your routing fees
We have a monthly subscription that covers unlimited routes, delivery and driver management. When a contract driver is used, we automatically calculate a delivery fee, which is billed and paid automatically. See fees
+ How are drivers paid
Shop drivers (CASH or W-2) are paid by you.

Contract drivers (1099) can be paid automatically by our billing system. Once you have uploaded your card details you do not have to take any further action. Just create and assign routes.
+ Can I pay my drivers in CASH
Yes. Sign up these drivers as "Shop Drivers"
+ Who manages your automated payments (if utilized)
We use Stripe as our inegrated payments partner. They are a leading global e-commerce platform, used by the likes of Amazon. Stripe
+ Does this simplify my tax and accounting
Yes. At the end of the year we provide you a statement of total driver fees billed. Weekly and monthly summaries are also available. We provide a 1099 statement to each driver too.
+ I'm subscribed, how do I cancel
Your subscription automatically pauses (cancels) if you stop using the service for a period of thirty days. You are free to resume later with no penalties.
Free Trial
+ How do I apply for it
Currently a free trial is automatically started upon registration for a period of 30 days.
+ What is free
The monthly subscription is free. This provides full access to all functions and features, including delivery, routing and driver management
+ What is not free
Any routes assigned to contract drivers (1099) will have delivery fees generated automatically by the platform.
+ Do I need to provide card details
No. Only at the end of the period, should you wish to subscribe, or unless you utilize contract drivers (1099).
+ Is it easy to create daily routes
Yes. Our delivery creation form allows you to add a delivery in seconds. Incuded are recipient details, order details, address and time of delivery
+ Can I schedule deliveries in advance
Yes. Deliveries are grouped by pickup location and date. You just add the delivery - and our delivery wizard automatically creates a route for that day.
+ Can you split large routes
Yes. Our delivery wizard can automatically split large deliveries into two or more routes. Routes can also be manually split (locked) for complete control.
+ Do you optimize routes
Yes. All routes are optimized upon pickup - taking into account current traffick conditions. Drivers are provided with an easy to use, step by step navigation guide.
+ How are my routes assigned to a driver
Florists manage a shortlist of preferred drivers. Your daily routes can then be assigned to these drivers for acceptance.
+ Can I add deliveries to an assigned route
Yes. You can add or remove deliveries up until the route has been collected.
+ Can drivers pick up multiple routes per day
Yes! Some florists will require multiple collections. Cotract drivers may also work for more than one florist.
+ Do you provide delivery time estimates
Yes. Upon collection our delivery dashboard indicates the optimized delivery sequence - as well as a time estimate. We also indicate if a delivery time is likely to be missed.
+ Do you provide delivery tracking
Yes. Our delivery dashboard shows the real time status of all deliveries.
+ Can I update a delivery already collected
Yes. You can edit the details of a delivery at any time.
+ Can I cancel a delivery already collected
Yes. You can remove deliveries from a "live" route - as long as the particular delivery has not been started.
+ Do you provide proof of delivery
Yes. Upon completion of delivery the driver must select a suitable delivery statrus - which may include a photo or note. This is attached to the delivery and is available to the florist in realtime.
+ What if no one answers the door
Our drivers are trained to leave arrangements in a shaded/protected area and take time stamped photos of the arrangement with location when delivered. This photo can be viewed in the delivery tracking information.
+ Can I search for a delivery
Yes. You can search any live or past delivery by simply typing any one of the Recipient / Address / Delivery ID. This will pull up all matching deliveries - including status, delivery time and driver and photo / comment if provided.
Shop Drivers (CASH or W-2)
+ What is a shop driver
A shop driver - or internal driver - is fully employed by the florist (W-2) or a temporary driver paid in CASH.
+ I am a florist, can I also be a shop driver
Yes. But you will need to register under a different email address.
+ How are we different to contract drivers
Shop drivers are remunerated by the florist (CASH or W-2). Contract (1099) drivers are paid through the platform. Aside from that shop drivers are treated exactly the same in terms of deliveries and routing.
+ Can I convert to a contract driver (1099)
Yes. Easily. A florist can convert you with a simple click of a button.
+ Can I register separately as a contract driver (1099)
Yes. You can register under a different email address. You will however need an florist invite as per below.
Contract Drivers (1099)
+ How do I become a Flowadrop driver
Drivers require an invite from a florist to sign up. Already work for a florist - feel free to show them our platform.
+ Do I need a bank account to become a driver
Yes, you will need a bank account to get paid for your deliveries.
+ What documents do I need
You need to provide a valid 1) Drivers licence 2) Insurance 2) Social Security Number (required for 1099, we encrypt these details).
+ How much do contract drivers make
Flowadrop independent drivers typically average $25-$30/hour. Total fees are based on factors like number of deliveries and distance traveled.
+ Do you cover mileage
Yes. We optimize your route upon collection, and include a travel fee of $0.2 per mile. See all fees
+ How and When Do I get Paid
Payments are made automatically 3 days after deliveries have been completed via Stripe.
+ What are the typical hours for Flowadrop deliveries
Although delivery times vary, most deliveries are made between 9am and 3pm - some as late as 8pm.
+ Where will I be delivering
You can expect to deliver to homes, businesses, schools, wedding venues, funeral homes, and similar.
+ I am a florist, can I also be a contract driver
Yes. But you will need to register under a different email address.


The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed Jenny
Florist In Florida

Florist In Florida
Organizing daily routes and tracking deliveries used to be a real headache. Now it's a breeze.

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed Carmen
Driver In California

Driver In California
This delivery app is one of the best I have used! Practically no training is required.

The best online booking and scheduling software with fully managed Eric
Florist In Texas

Florist In Texas
Routing & driver payments! Flowadrop has really simplified my business!

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Delivery Routing Software That Really Delivers

Flowadrop is a user friendly driver and delivery logistics solution that delivers immediate results to our customers, the hard working florists - to ensure their flowers reach their destinations, intact, and on time.

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